Five careers that currently exist that involve the areas of renewable energy sources 

The following are five of the highest-demand, fastest-growing career groups in renewable energy:

  • Engineer - Engineers in renewable energy are mainly mechanical, and electrical. The green field has grown so much people have started their own business. As the popularity increases, so does the profit.
  • Farmer - Many Soybean, sugar cane, wheat, coconut, oil palm and grapeseed, and mainly corn farmers are selling crops to companies that produce biofuels, like biodiesel, and ethanol. Many farmers give rotten, or un-sellable corn to reduce waste.  
  • Solar fabricator/installer - Now that there has been large improvements in storage of solar energy, the residential market is increasing at a sharp rate. As more and more people and businesses want solar panels on roofs of buildings, more and more job opportunities appear. As business increases so does profit.
  • Wind farm developer - Wind farms, or large masses of wind turbines in open areas, of high wind speeds, have had a sharp increase in popularity, by 45%. Since wind power, is one of the most efficient renewable energy sources, it’s demand for development has rapidly increased.
  • Wind turbine fabricator/installer/operator - As the number of wind farms, and turbines increases, the amount of workers must as well. The top three jobs necessary to keep turbines creating energy are fabricators, installers, and operators.

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